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Eltek (UK) Limited


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Rectifier, DNV, ABS, SIL 3, High efficiency, High power density, Low weight, Rectiverter, Three port, UPS, Modular, Inverter, Remote monitoring, Battery Management, Battery testing, Ethernet, SMTP, Eltek Network Utility, Multisite monitor, Chargers, DC/DC converters, Rectiverters, AC and DC UPS, Monitoring solutions including Multi Site systems

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Nick Golder

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Industrial Account Manager


Eltek is a world leader in high-efficiency power conversion products including modular UPS & charging systems. They are developed and certified for marine and offshore applications.


Eltek is a world leader in high-efficiency power electronics and energy conversion. As a global corporation, Eltek has customers in more than 100 countries across a variety of industries including marine, wind, telecom, rail and infrastructure, power generation, power distribution and solar energy.

Eltek is part of the proud Norwegian maritime and offshore heritage and can look back on more than 40 years’ experience as a dedicated power specialist, developing modular, compact and reliable solutions for use in demanding environments.

We manufacture modular and scalable rectifiers, chargers, converters, inverters, Rectiverters, modular AC and DC UPS, monitoring solutions and batteries. Our marine products are all DNV certified and we also supply Sil3 OVP certified DC products.

Our solutions are used within marine, oil and gas and wind farms. They power supervision, automation, data transmission, switchgear control, safety, emergency systems, dynamic positioning and ballast water treatment.

Eltek is a special kind of company, powered by a unique energy. This is the energy of people that are passionate about leading the way in the power industry. Our ambition is to be unparalleled in meeting our customers’ needs for high-efficiency power conversion solutions that protect revenue-generating services and reduce energy consumption and the impact on the environment. We are “always on” – global, technological and agile – and committed to staying at the forefront of the industry.

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Rectifier & Inverter in one box built on HE technology from the Flatpack2 HE rectifier family the Rectiverter 230/1500 48/1200 provides backed up power for 230 VAC loads with minimum losses and footprint. It is a 3 port device capable of charging the 48V battery and simultaneously provides power for the AC and DC loads. During mains outage the Rectiverter feeds AC loads using energy stored in the battery.

Flatpack S Rectifiers

The Flatpack S combines High Efficiency and an extremely compact and short casing with build in Sil 3 protection. With only 210 mm long modules it fits into most applications in the shallow cabinets. Complete solutions are available in compact packages and there is flexibility to meet higher power demands in tight spaces. 

Flatpack 2 Rectifiers

Since setting the new standard for rectifier efficiency, the Flatpack2 HE family is now available in a variety of voltages and power ratings, all with superior efficiency up to 96.5%. With more than 4 billion in-field operating hours and a proven cumulative field MTBF of more than 1,9 million hours, Flatpack 2 HE is the only HE (High Efficiency) rectifier with a proven track record.


Our inverters include advanced switching technology with digital control.  The utilisation of this technology results in a very high power density and low weight. With a state-of-the-art control solution it provides an excellent functionality and several protection features.

Monitoring and Control

We have a full range of monitoring and control systems all including remote monitoring, battery management systems and programmable alerts and alarms. We have remote server based management software systems too, tailored to your requirements.