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Devonport Royal Dockyard
United Kingdom


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UK’s leading naval support business and has a unique role supporting the Royal Navy and the Ministry of Defence


Babcock is the UK's leading naval support business. It draws on an unmatched range of engineering and technical skills in providing through-life services and deep maintenance to the Royal Navy's major warships and nuclear-powered submarines. We own and operate major dockyard facilities at Devonport and Rosyth and manage the Clyde Naval Base.

With proven design and management know-how and a range of configurable products and systems, Babcock provides platform design, integration and management services and high integrity systems to the marine, oil and gas and defence sectors worldwide.

In addition, Babcock's independent consultancies offer world class systems and engineering technology.


Naval Base Management

Babcock delivers naval based management services to the Ministry of Defence through two high profile Warship Modernisation Initiative (WSMI) contracts at Faslane and Devonport.

Surface Ship and Submarine Through-Life Support

Babcock is the Royal Navy's premier strategic support partner and carries out approximately three-quarters of the annual waterfront and deep maintenance of the UK's major warships and management of their shore-based support facilities.

Inventory of Hazardous Materials

As a Lloyd's Register Approved Service Supplier, Babcock can perform Inventory of Hazardous Materials surveys for any shipping company, along with sampling and testing for asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), tributyltin (TBT), ozone depleting substances (ODS) and radioactive substances. Babcock became the first company to offer both of these services in the UK and has unrivalled experience and expertise in these fields.

Marine Project Management

Babcock's project managers have extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of managing large and technically complex projects. In most cases Babcock can provide project managers with domain knowledge across all the disciplines involved in the projects they work on.

Platform Integration

Babcock has an enviable reputation as a key maritime support provider, successfully taking control of waterfront activities for maritime platforms.

Platform Safety Case Management

Babcock has over 12 years of practical experience in the effective management of platform safety cases. Our safety specialists have unrivalled knowledge in operating and maintaining the platforms and truly understand the environment in which systems operate.

Deep Maintenance and refitting

Babcock has been refitting Nuclear Submarines at Devonport Dockyard since the 1970's. We offer a world class facility that ensures all engineering activities are subject to extensive safety and environmental justification

Supply Chain Management

Systems and Availability Contracting

Babcock provides a total equipment management service, ensuring assets are consistently available whenever required.

Manufacturing & Assembly

Communications Equipment - In Service Support

System Integration

Advanced Engineering Surveys

Babcock has an integrated team of surveyors, designers and engineers which includes 50 professional surveyors and access to some 700 CAD modelling designers.

Cargo Movement Automation

Proven systems to ease the challenge of on-board handling of cargo, munitions and provisions in a variety of load types and stores configurations, using our established handling technologies.

CATS Asset Training

Babcock's Compact Asset Tracking System (CATS) provides all the functions required to manage, track, trace, and monitor GSM enabled devices in any location.

Design Services

Information Knowledge Management

We have 200 Information Management Specialists on hand to provide software development, security accreditation, change management, information architectures and turnkey information management systems, ensuring you can benefit from more effective decision-making.

Integrated Waste Management Systems

Internal and External Communication Systems

Life Rafts

Submarine Countermeasure Launcher

Babcock's new, innovative, Countermeasure Launch System is fully scalable and covert.  It utilises a non-pyrotechnic prime mover, is lightweight and its modular design enables rapid platform integration.

Submerged Signal Ejectors

Weapon Handling and Launch Systems

Babcock is the Delegated Design Authority for all UK submarines Weapon Handling and Launch Systems

Composite Technology

We have pioneered the use of advanced composite materials for the manufacture of structures and for the strengthening and repair of existing assets.

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