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30 August 2019

Aquatec Equipment Awards 2019 announced!

Aquatec Group has just launched a new edition of its annual equipment loan + travel grant awards.

The Aquatec Equipment Awards, first launched in 2012 by Aquatec Group, is an annual awards program that promotes the development of marine sciences, encourages environmental research, and raises awareness on sustainability issues. Each year, early career university researchers and postgraduate students from all over the world can win the opportunity to use high-tech, commercially established subsea instrumentation designed and manufactured by the company.

To apply, candidates must fill out a simple online form before 31st October 2019, and write a brief presentation of their research project proposal, including project aims, planned deployment, use of the instrument, and time required. Aquatec Group will judge the applicants on the scientific and innovative merit of their proposals, the practicality of the planned experiment, and the demonstration of a clear need for the chosen instrument.

Andy Smerdon, Managing Director at Aquatec Group, said:

“At Aquatec, we are passionate about the scientific insight that users of our instruments can gain.  Since launching the Equipment Awards we have enabled many young scientists to get hands-on experience with our state-of-the art instrumentation so they can share that passion at the very outset of their careers.” 

This year, the awards give a loan of an instrument, varying from 2 to 3 months’ time to carry out the research, and a travel grant which can be used for travel to deploy the instrument or present results at a conference. The winners will be able to demonstrate excellence in their efforts and methods while studying underwater conditions, a matter of the upmost importance to the environment, well in line with the company’s core values.

Entry form, terms and judging criteria can be found on


About Aquatec:

The Aquatec Group are creators of innovative instruments, services and solutions for measurement, monitoring and communication underwater. They provide instrumentation solutions for all water environments, including offshore structures and pipelines; oceans, estuaries, rivers and lakes; and marine mammals and fisheries. Aquatec was founded by the current Managing Director in 1990 as a specialist consultancy in oceanographic instrumentation design. Since then, the company has established a diverse portfolio of products for measurement of physical oceanographic and process parameters including temperature, depth, vibration, attitude, suspended sediment and marine mammal activity, as well as underwater data communication systems and marine mammal deterrents. w: