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Sea-Kit International Limited


+44 (0)1206 625 180





Blackwater House
Woodrolfe Road
United Kingdom


Technological solutions, SEA-KIT class, Autonomous, Ocean-Capable, vessels

Contact Name:

Benjamin Simpson

Contact Position:

Managing Director


SEA-KIT offers technological solutions to the maritime industry and the operator of the SEA-KIT class Autonomous Ocean-Capable vessels.


SEA-KIT International provides autonomous vessels for lease or purchase.The SEA-KIT line of vessels is the first truly ocean capable,long range,long endurance autonomous vessels.

SEA-KIT offers services to all sectors of the maritime industry including;

  • Oceanegraphy
  • Bathymetry
  • Geophysics (Hydrographic Surveys, Magnetometer Surveys, Sub Bottom Profiling)
  • Ocean Science (Water quality monitoring, Water sample acquisition, Wave monitoring, Passive Acoustic monitoring (PAM), Acoustic transponder tracking (fish), Current profiling, Active acoustic fisheries monitoring, Cetacean tracking, Meteorological monitoring)
  • Security (Mine Detection, Mine Clearance, Remote sensing, Surveillance, Marine Target)
  • Military
  • Oil & Gas (Hydrocarbon detection, Pre,As-Laid, As-Built Surveys, Pipeline,Umbilical and Cable Surveys, Nearshore Cathodic Protection Surveys, Plough & Trenching surveys, Site Surveys, Inspection ROV Support, ROV Positioning & Tracking, Plough & Trencher positioning & tracking, Pipeline Touchdown monitoring, Seabed Sensor Deployment, Towing duties, Well data monitoring, Subsea positioning support, Towed item tracking, LIDAR deployment, Subsea data transfer & harvesting, AUV Launch & Recovery, AUV tracking, Scour monitoring)
  • Cable Laying (Plough Tracking, Towfish Tracking)
  • Offshore Renewables (Scour Surveys, Subsurface structure surveying, Cable inspections, Ploughing & Trenching Surveys)
  • Pipe-Line survey
  • Port Security & Operations (Surveillance, Data Gathering for Compliance Monitoring)
  • Coastguard and other Maritime Agencies (Fishery protection, Coastal Surveillance, EM monitoring)
  • Firefighting
  • Search & Rescue
  • Communications (Marine Repeater Station, Positioning, Air-band Communicaions repeater)

SEA-KIT vessels are intended to be used in applications where the human component can be reduced or replaced, either because of cost or safety implications. Without the concern for human wellbeing, the vessel can be utilised in ways that simply aren't possible with human crew on-board.

SEA-KIT offers a full service to customers including Mission planning, Vessel management, Command and Control as well as Data capture, processing and display.

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