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AutoNaut Limited


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Unit A2
The Boatyard
Chichester Marina
West Sussex
PO20 7EJ
United Kingdom


USV Autonomous Unmanned

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David Maclean

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Design and manufacture of AutoNaut, the wave propelled unmanned surface vessel


We have designed the AutoNaut, a unique, elegant and storm proven unmanned surface vessel (USV).  The AutoNaut uses wave energy for propulsion and performs equally well on all headings including directly into wind and waves.  She has zero emissions and the latest in communications control and guidance systems.  She can roam the oceans for long periods transmitting data via satellite to shore.  This extreme endurance coupled with a unique and elegant solution to the speed/payload/power balance for USV’s offers great new potential to all engaged in oceanic monitoring and surveillance.

Missions may encompass meteorological, oceanographic or environmental data gathering as well as above and under water surveillance.  Sensors can be mounted on the mast, through the hull, along a towed array or deployed by a winch.  Acting as the surface node, she can network under water vessels with remote control centres.  Easy to deploy and recover from a slipway or support vessel, she can transit to and from an operations area, remain on station for long periods, and return when ordered for retrieval, maintenance and relaunch.



Unmanned Surface Vessel

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