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Sonardyne International Limited


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Acoustic Positioning, Inertial Navigation, Wireless Communications, Sonar Imaging, Maritime Security

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Graham Brown

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Sales and Marketing Director


Subsea technology for energy, science and security. We are a leading independent global provider of underwater acoustic, inertial, optical and sonar technology and this is what we do. We track, we position, we control, we monitor, we detect, we recover, we image, we locate, we navigate, we avoid, we engineer, we service and we support. We can do this for you, wherever you are operating in the world, safely and responsibly, within your budgets and to your timescales. Find out how by getting in touch with us today.


We were founded Sonardyne in 1971 with the vision of improving the safety and efficiency of underwater navigation for divers through innovation in acoustic signal processing, hardware design and custom engineering.  From our origins in the North Sea in the early 1970’s, innovation and performance has maintained our reputation for technical leadership, and today we have an unrivalled portfolio of acoustic and non-acoustic technologies for use in the most challenging marine environments. Our vision in 2018 and beyond is to facilitate safe, secure, economical and environmentally sound operations upon and within the world’s oceans and seas.

Whilst underwater acoustics remains at the very core of what we do, our business now reaches far beyond this and has been driven by both the possibilities of new technologies and the needs of our clients. In just a few short years sonar imaging, optical communications and inertial navigation technologies have emerged from our research programmes. These investments have provided great value to our customers. Survey operations become ever faster and more efficient, deep water vessels are able to operate safely in all conditions, seabed to surface data transfer is reliable and quick, unmanned platforms can be controlled and commanded, and waterside installations are better protected against the threat of intruders.

Our values are clear; a strong customer focus, a passion for engineering excellence and innovation, meticulous attention to quality and a strong commitment to or employees and the community, passion, excellence and integrity.


Acoustic Positioning

From shallow to deep, our Long BaseLine and Ultra-Short BaseLine acoustic positioning systems set the benchmark for performance and reliability - helping to precisely navigate underwater vehicles, install subsea structures and position multiple surface vessels. 6G, our sixth generation hardware platform, provides robust performance, ease of use, greater functionality, equipment flexibility and compatibility with aided inertial technologies. No matter how deep, how shallow or how complex the subsea task is, "6G just works."

Inertial Navigation & Motion Sensing

With a track record spanning 10 years, our Lodestar gyrocompass and SPRINT inertial navigation system range has evolved to meet the needs of any subsea application with a smaller housing, and a new range of performance levels. When combined with our Syrinx DVL, Lodestar and SPRINT provide unprecedented levels of performance and a single offering for ROV guidance and survey.

Sonar Imaging

We have re-defined what is possible to achieve with high resolution imaging sonars.  Our technology is helping to protect vulnerable waterside facilities and vessels from the threat of attack, to enable autonomous underwater vehicles to gather pixel-perfect imaging of the seabed around them and to monitor a billion cubic feet of water for the smallest of asset integrity breaches in deep water. 

Wireless Communications

6G acoustic and high speed optical systems can be used for the extraction of large amounts of stored data from long endurance subsea sensors or even the transmission of high definition imagery and real time video. We regularly integrate a variety of in-house and third party sensors with our technologies to provide complete bespoke monitoring solutions.

We regularly integrate a variety of in-house and third party sensors with our technologies to provide complete bespoke monitoring solutions.

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