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Coltraco Ultrasonics


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United Kingdom


Fire safety Ultrasonic Level Testing Testing Fire Suppression systems Watertight Integrity Alternative to hose testing and chalk testing Testing hatch-covers Watertight & weathertight door testing Ultrasonic thickness gauging Corrosion testing Bearing indicator Condition monitoring Preventative maintenance

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Carl Hunter

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Chief Executive Officer


British designer and manufacturer of ultrasonic systems and products operating in 105 countries since 1987. Committed to our Safeship™ mission: improving safety at sea


Coltraco Ultrasonics is a leading British designer and manufacturer of ultrasonic safety equipment. Our range of handheld products for inspections and integrated systems providing continuous monitoring are used in 105 countries worldwide across 19 market sectors. Shipping is key for us: with over 9000 units in operation onboard worldwide and also testing shore-based facilities.


Our technology focusses on 1. Testing the suppressant contents in cylinders of fire suppression systems 2. Testing watertight integrity of hatch-covers, holds, bulkheads, doors, multiple cable transits and other watertight compartments. We have a range of other handheld products for conducting monitoring onboard and on sites ashore.


Since 1987 Coltraco is a family company with the 3rd generation, grounded on family values with integrity at our foundation. Founded by Eric Hunter, current Chairman, who had been a Royal Navy Submariner before going into commercial shipping whereupon he developed ultrasonic technology solutions. Almost 30 years Mr Hunter invented the handheld ultrasonic liquid level indicator we now today as Portalevel®. Today we have 9 generations of Portalevel® fulfilling the market’s requirements from the most advanced technologically with datalogging capability, through to the cheapest  unit available worldwide.


Science and Mathematics are at our core and we develop and protect our Intellectual Property. We are in service with 5,000 fire companies and aboard 9,000 commercial vessels. We have developed a series of Strategic Partners around the world and these distribute themselves but also act as national partners in Fire safety or Marine to develop and maintain our Distribution network. We are committed to designing and manufacturing the finest products and systems in their field and properly maintaining and calibrating them in line with international ISO Standards.


We have received much fine and kind support over the years from many dedicated and brilliant Fire Engineers, Naval Engineers, former Chief Engineers and Master Mariners. All of our products and systems are designed for maintenance crew use as a consequence of this and we have effected their advice and counsel in regard to technical support and training.

Training is free and accessible via our website are a series of training videos.  We conduct telephone-based technical support free-of-charge to any customer who needs it in the 106 countries we operate in. We support our equipment “through-life” and still repair units built 20 years ago. Model types can be upgraded at any time via our trade-in credit programme by which we value and credit you the value of your old unit if customers wish to upgrade to a higher model type. We have a series of ODA Service Stations around the world for repairs and calibrations.




Handheld Ultrasonic liquid level indicator for testing fire suppression systems like CO2, FM200, Novec and more – range of 9 models to suit all requirements

Portascanner® Watertight

Handheld ultrasonic watertight integrity test indicator for testing hatch-covers, doors, multiple cable transits and more


Handheld ultrasonic thickness gauge for corrosion and thickness testing – available in 2 models

Portamonitor® Bearing Indicator

Handheld bearing indicator using acoustic emission technology to test for bearing wear and tear and condition monitoring



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