e-Exporting Programme

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Sell online with the DIT e-Exporting programme

The Department for International Trade's (DIT's) E-Exporting Programme helps UK retailers and brands export their products overseas via e-commerce. DIT’s E-Exporting Programme provides e-commerce export related support to help UK companies grow their business by selling products or services to global online consumers. UK retailers like Extreme Fliers, Burlingham London Watches, Faith in Nature and Urban Botanist are already taking advantage e-commerce opportunities.

Why sell online

Opportunities for online sales are huge and growing. By selling online UK companies can:

  • find new customers in overseas markets
  • do business 24/7
  • build brand awareness
  • access new markets in a low cost way
  • monitor real time sales and use data to make informed business decisions

Why join DIT’s E-Exporting Programme

DIT's E-Exporting Programme helps UK companies who are:

  • new to selling online
  • already selling online, but need help with specific issues
  • experienced in online sales, but are looking to sell on multiple platforms globally

The programme enables you to:

  • arrange a free meeting through your local DIT office to get expert international trade advice and support
  • meet a DIT e-commerce adviser where relevant to help develop and implement an international e-commerce strategy
  • set up on marketplaces and identify new marketplaces around the world to sell
  • access better than commercial rates to list on some marketplaces, including lower commission fees and ‘try for free’ periods

Selling through multiple channels

Managing e-commerce across multiple platforms can be challenging. Before considering taking a multiple platform approach you should determine which partner is likely to be most suitable by looking at your:

  • current sales volume
  • capacity for growth

Platform integration companies can link your product to global marketplaces using software enabling you to sell into multiple sales channels. A number of companies operate in this area.

Marketplace opportunities for UK retailers and brands

An online marketplace provides a platform for retailers of all sizes to do business through e-commerce.

DIT works with a number of global marketplaces and, in some cases, have negotiated special deals. You can view which platforms have a discount in place for DIT clients


How to join

Arrange a free meeting through your local DIT office to get expert international trade advice and support

You can also: