20 - 21 February 2019

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SMI Annual Conference 2019


20-21 February 2019 | Portsmouth Guildhall

A national conference that looks at the progress to implement the United Kingdom's National Shipbuilding Strategy. Speakers from the highest echelons of the industry and Government will promote debate and discuss critical issues. The two day event will be held in the Guildhall of the Maritime City of Portsmouth. It will also include a networking reception and dinner on the historic museum ship HMS Warrior in Portsmouth. 

Themes and Speakers

Theme 1 - A National Shipbuilding Strategy in Context

Paul Stott

Professor Paul Stott
Senior Lecturer and Newcastle University

Sets the scene by considering the rejuvenation of shipbuilding in the United Kingdom after its historic decline.

Richard Berthon

Mr Richard Berthon
Director of Strategic Programmes at the MOD

Talks about implementing the National Shipbuilding Strategy and the future of naval shipbuilding in the UK.

Simon Everest

Mr Simon Everest
Head of the Defence and Security Organisation at DIT

Gives an insight into the strategic environment for maximising opportunities for the export of warships.

Michael Asteris

Dr Mike Asteris
Visiting Fellow at the University of Portsmouth

Reviews the impact of a vibrant shipbuilding sector on national prosperity and socio-economic outcomes.

Steve Wilson

Mr Steve Wilson
Partner at Newton Europe Ltd.

Discusses the drive for productivity and plans for global competitiveness. 

Theme 2 - The Commercial Sector's Contribution to Rejuvenating British Shipbuilding

Damien Bloor

Mr Damien Bloor
Adivsory Director at First Marine International

Provides an overview of commerical shipbuilding in the United Kingdom.

John Syvret

Mr John Syvret
CEO at Cammell-Laird Ltd.

Portays the RRS Sir David Attenborough as a case study on building sophisticated commerical vessels.

Peter French

Mr Peter French
Chairman of Maritime Enterprise Working Group

Explains the role of the MEWG in addressing issues to secure a competitive and sustainable UK shipbuilding industry.

Brian Johnson

Mr Brian Johnson
Board Member, Solent Local Enterprise Partnership

Outlines the contribution of industrial clusters in the maritime sector.

Sarah Kenny

Mrs Sarah Kenny
Chief Executive at BMT

Talks about importance of maintaining a sovereign design capability.

Theme 3 - The Impact of Royal Navy Shipbuilding on a National Shipbuilding Strategy

Philip Jones

Admiral Sir Philip Jones
First Sea Lord and Chairman of the MOD Client Board

Reviews the naval Shipbuilding Master Plan and the role of the MOD Client Board

Henry Parker

Mr Henry Parker
Director of Ship Acquisition at MOD DE&S

Discusses the Type 26 frigate programme and sustaining complex warship production.

David Farmer

Mr David Farmer
Head of CSS at MOD DE&S

Promotes the benefits of international competition in the context of the MARS Tide class tankers.

Dan Hook

Mr Dan Hook
Senior Director at L3 ASV

Examines the impact of maritime autonomy on future shipbuilding and design developments in warships.

Commodore Utley

Commodore Michael Utley RN
Commander UK Carrier Strike Group at Navy Command

Explains the progession towards operational capability of the Carrier Strike Group.

HMS Warrior

Conference Reception and Dinner

The Conference reception and dinner will be held on the historic museum ship
HMS Warrior.