What We Do

Our activities follow our objectives of providing members with business opportunities, assisting with research and innovation, lobbying government and its agencies to improve the business environment, facilitating network opportunities and providing marketing amongst other services.  Click on the links or images below to learn more.


Business overseas and in UKBusiness Overseas and in the UK

Our events programme is designed to support the maritime engineering industry and help companies identify the best opportunities in both the UK and overseas.


RTIResearch, Technology and Innovation

We are active on a number of fronts to assist members with collaborations and funding access for research and development in the UK and around the world.


Business EnviroImproving the Business Environment

We take a major lead in many working groups and involve ourselves with many government bodies to improve the growth prospects for our sector.


Network OpportunitiesNetworking Opportunities

We recognise the value of providing the right environment to learn about new business opportunities or contacts. Our events are the ideal place to meet new contacts.

Marketing and other servicesMarketing & Other Services

We strive to create as many marketing opportunities as possible so members are aware of the latest updates across the industry.