SMI International Exhibitions and Events

This section contains a list of the UK Pavilions the Society of Maritime Industries (SMI) will be hosting around the world throughout the year. For more information please click the exhibition logo.  To view all events SMI is hosting please click here. If there are any shows you are interested in, please email or call us!

27 - 29 July 2021



20-22 September 2021, Abu Dhabi

21-23 September 2021, Singapore



October 2021, Indonesia

19-22 October 2021, Busan

 logo Europort

2-5 November 2021, Rotterdam

7-10 December 2021, China

Exhibitions in 2022

10-13 January 2022, Norway

16-18 March 2022,  Singapore

Expected May 2022, Sydney

Expected October 2022, Paris

Expected December 2022, Chile