Business is GREAT Britain

Business is GREAT Britain 


The GREAT Britain campaign is a partnership between private enterprise and Government to highlight support for businesses aspiring to succeed and to encourage entrepreneurial spirit. The campaign wants to encourage you to take the leap to start up a business or grow your existing one – develop your ideas, write your business plan, employ more staff or start exporting. 

The campaign helps you make your business idea happen. Whether you’re looking to test your ideas, or develop your financial and planning skills, it gives you the support and inspiration you are looking for. It also provides links to key business support tools, highlighting top tools available from across Government and a whole range of providers.

Marine World Class Capability

The UK’s marine engineering and services companies have many great strengths that have driven forward key developments in equipment and product design and technical innovation.  The UK is the fourth largest shipbuilder in Europe and the third largest in boatbuilding. This important sector directly employs nearly 90,000 people across the UK. It is a sector that is thriving, with plans to grow even stronger in the years ahead, building on competitive strengths that have been developed over many years.

UK marine equipment manufacturers, operators and service companies offer complex design, manufacturing and service solutions to major energy, shipbuilding, boatbuilding and defence customers in the UK and across the world. Our offer encompasses an extensive marine innovation ecosystem and we lead the world in offshore renewable power development. This is supported by a world leading research and development (R&D) and academic base, including marine R&D centres, excellent technical knowledge and skills, and a very strong international reputation for quality.

The 'UK Marine World Class Capability' brochure can only provide a brief introduction to all that the UK has to offer across a broad range of marine engineering disciplines, from design and manufacture through to disposal. We have over 5,000 companies offering world class capabilities that meet the highest international standards and incorporate the latest technological advances.

The UK marine industries have a strength and vibrancy built on a global outlook, an expertise in advanced engineering and the ability to adapt and innovate. We aim to maintain a leading technological edge by sustaining and expanding this important business sector.