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Griffon Hoverwork Limited


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Hercules House
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United Kingdom


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Nick MacLeod-Ash

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Marketing & Sales Director


Providing amphibious solutions to the littoral for sustainability in hovercraft, marine and other innovative related technologies.


The global environment is changing at record pace with rising sea levels to increased extreme weather. These changes put an increasing number of lives at risk and hinder the ability to operate in coastal and tidal areas where the water can be cluttered with debris following environmental events. By hovering above the surface, hovercraft save time, lives and money by flying over the shallows, weeds, mud, reefs and obstacles that often restrict conventional vehicles.

We aim to enable our users to confidently and successfully operate in the most diverse and inaccessible areas of the world; from the jungles of South America to the frozen seas of the Baltic, Caspian, Antarctic and Arctic.  Direct, high speed manoeuvrability is achieved for the world’s best operators for lifesaving search and rescue, humanitarian, medical, passenger transport, commercial and defence roles.  

Since first conception by Sir Christopher Cockerell in 1955, Griffon Hoverwork Ltd has been at the forefront of hovercraft development. Throughout our history we have provided and support over 180 classed hovercraft around the world in over 41 countries.

Using our specialised mix of maritime and aeronautical engineering expertise we have evolved and innovated our designs in not only hovercraft but high-speed boats and also lightweight, flexible structures. We provide governments and organisations with the means to connect people with what is needed, where it is needed and when it is needed.


After Sales Support

All of our hovercraft are supported through life, can be supplied with 12 or 24 month warranties.

Configurable Craft for Multi-Purpose Use

A forward load area with a bow ramp which will allow a Land Cruiser type of vehicle or other cargo to be transported.

Electric and Hybrid Drive System

 Offering new technology and services

Navigation and Communication Systems

 Electronic systems used on board for navigation and communication 

Surveillance, Border and Range Patrols

 All our craft are available with differing levels of survellience platforms 

Search and Rescue

 A covered area behind the load area configured to carry personnel which can also be adapted for other purposes such as a medical care

Crew Configurations

Crew accommodation facilities on board for extended missions.

Military and Paramilitary Configuration

All our craft are available with differing levels of ballistic protection to suit our clients' requirements.

Professional Consultancy Services

Our expertise spans areas such as route analysis, business planning, terminal design, crew development, engineer training and a broad range of after sales services.

Design and Engineering Capabilities

Offering new technology and services


Training provided for both pilots and maintenance crews

Research and Development

Continuous customer support in correctly configuring scientific services

Charter Hovercraft

Supporting hovercraft chartering operations in differing roles

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