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Chess Dynamics Limited


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Quadrant House
North Heath Business Park,
North Heath Lane
West Sussex
RH12 5QE
United Kingdom


Security, Cameras, Fire control, Surveillance, Electro-optical, Radar, Infrared, EO, IR, Ballistics, Sensor, Gun, Weapon system, Laser, ILS, CLS, Console, Tracker, Tracking system, Video processing, Video management, High-definition, HD, Target classification

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Dave Eldridge

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Sales Director


Chess Dynamics is a unique specialist advanced technology design and manufacturing organisation providing quality, cost effective and reliable security and surveillance solutions


Chess Dynamics is a developer of sophisticated optical surveillance, communications and stabilised radar platforms  and systems for land, maritime  and airborne  applications. The company's extensive product  based systems are ideally suited for tasks such as; search and rescue operations, protection of naval vessels, critical national infrastructure, military  bases and vehicles. Chess' engineering excellence and know-how combine all forms of electro-mechanical servo mechanisms and long range cameras, with state-of-the-art digital video tracking technology, offering leading capability to modern military  and homeland defence organisations.

Chess Dynamics has been supplying equipment, sub-systems and systems covering the above categories to UK Defence prime contractors and on specialist projects direct to MoD since 2005.

Chess designs and manufactures  an extensive range of gyro stabilised and un-stabilised Electro­ Optical (EO) tracking and surveillance systems for military  land and naval applications. Chess has extensive experience and technical expertise in electric motors, covering DC brushed and brushless, along with AC single and 3 phase motors and associated servo and inverter control solutions, all of which are incorporated in our products and solutions.

Chess designs and manufactures  an extensive range of high precision direct drive and geared systems from very small compact mechanisms through to large radar turntables inco rporating bearings, seals, clutches and gearboxes.

These solutions incorporate thermal  imagers, TV cameras and laser range finders and enable the user to control the platform by joystick, auto-track, slew-to-cue, radar-cue and remote  sensor­ cue for passive target detection, recognition and identification. The more complex EO systems are integrated and used as part of complete fire-control systems and may also be integrated into vehicle surveillance systems.

Chess provides its customers with a complete design, development and manufacturing service from standard products to bespoke engineering solutions. Chess is now the only independent UK supplier of electro-optical platforms, communication and radar platforms.


Sea Eagle EOSS

Electro optical Surveillance System

Sea Eagle FCEO

High Performance Electro Optical Tracking & Fire Control System

Sea Eagle FCRO

Precision Radar & Optical Tracking & Fire Control System

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