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Coltraco Ultrasonics


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Watertight Integrity Tester, Hatch Cover Tester, Hatch Covers, Watertight Doors, Gaseous Fire Extinguishing System, Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator, British Ultrasonics, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter, Bearing Indicator, Liquid Level Tester, Offshore, Shipping, Naval, Oil & Gas, Offshore Wind, Corrosion, Pipework, Room Integrity, Intrinsically Safe, Technology Manufacturer, Ultrasonic Meter

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Chloe Kay

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Marketing & Communications Assistant


British Ultrasonic Technology manufacturer operates in 109 countries, offering IMO SOLAS FSS Code compliant and ABS Type Approved inspection tools and constant monitoring solutions, to counter the 2 main causes of vessel loss: (1) sinking – testing watertight integrity of hatch-covers, doors and MCTs etc and (2) fire – testing gaseous fire extinguishing system agent contents, associated pipework and room integrity.


Coltraco Ultrasonics is a UK designer and manufacture of global-leading, innovative, specialised and intuitive technology to provide true safety beyond minimal regulatory compliance. We call this the Safeship® initiative at sea. These are supported by through-life after sales customer care. Our core technology areas are in watertight integrity & fire suppression system testing. Sinking remains the No 1 reasons for loss of marine structures at sea, and the monitoring of pressurized gaseous extinguishing systems used to protect those structures and should their contents discharge or leak will be incapable of generating the necessary design concentration to extinguish the fire event. Exporting 89% of our output to 108 countries – 40% to Asia, 10% Middle east, 15% Europe, 17% North America and the balance to South America & Africa.

Coltraco Ultrasonics operate in multiple market sectors: Shipping, Naval, Offshore and most recently in Renewable Wind Energy. Today, Coltraco are aboard 17% of the world’s shipping fleet (nearly 10,000 ships), the top 15 Navies and with 50% of the world’s offshore oil and gas companies, and in the last year, in service with one of the major 4 wind companies. Certified to ISO 9001, UL, ABS, RINA and shortly Zone 1 Intrinsically Safe, Coltraco lead in research, engineering & safety awards, are key speakers at industry and UK government conferences, thought leaders in risk management and working practices and members of a wide number of UK and US trade associations and professional organisations. Published authors in technical, research  & scientific journals.




Handheld Ultrasonic liquid level indicator for testing fire suppression systems like CO2, FM200, Novec and more – range of 9 models to suit all requirements

Portascanner® Watertight

Handheld ultrasonic watertight integrity test indicator for testing hatch-covers, doors, multiple cable transits and more


Handheld ultrasonic thickness gauge for corrosion and thickness testing – available in 2 models

Portamonitor® Bearing Indicator

Handheld bearing indicator using acoustic emission technology to test for bearing wear and tear and condition monitoring



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