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Newcastle University School of Engineering


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Newcastle University
Armstrong Building
Queen Victoria Road
United Kingdom


marine technology; marine engineering; hydrodynamics; sustainable shipping; submersibles; offshore; pipeline

Contact Name:

Paul Stott

Contact Position:

Senior Lecturer


The Marine, Offshore and Subsea Technology Research Group operates within the School of Engineering at Newcastle University. The unit provides teaching and research in the fields of Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Offshore Engineering, Sub-sea Engineering, Pipeline Engineering, Marine Transport and Logistics.


Newcastle’s research activities are subdivided into three themes:

Marine Hydrodynamics and Structures, focused on the design of ships and marine installations that are safe and have minimal environmental impact. 

Marine Resources and Renewable Energy uniting a broad range of marine disciplines to harness ocean resources to meet global food and energy needs.

Sustainable Shipping and Marine Engineering combining diverse expertise including marine scientists, marine engineers and experts in maritime business and logistics. 

In terms of teaching, Newcastle University typically graduates the following numbers of marine technology students per year:

About 55 undergraduates (c. 40 with BSc and 15 with Meng), comprising about:

  • 25 Marine Engineers
  • 20 Naval Architects
  • 5 Offshore Engineers
  • 5 Small craft design

About 60 MSc students, comprising about:

  • 15 Shipping and logistics
  • 15 Naval Architects
  • 15 Marine Engineers
  • 15 Offshore, subsea and pipeline engineering

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