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Varivane Industries Limited


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Through life support Layout Design Maintenance Surveys Money safes Security boxes Security containers Signal book boxes Small arms safes Chart stowage Ammunition lockers, Decoy round lockers, Weapon lockers Furniture, bunks, beds, settees, pullman beds, lockers, wardrobes, desks, pedestals, chart tables, chairs, tables, medical, weapon & ammunition stowage’s

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Varivane Industries design and manufacture accommodation equipment and fabricated items for naval and commerical ships, workboats and offshore oil and gas installations


Varivane Industries is an integrated design and manufacturing company specialising in the design, development, manufacture, and refurbishment of marine furniture, fittings and fixtures for the naval and commercial marine environments.

Formed in 1964, Varivane Industries now enters its 50th year and have firmly established itself as the UK leader in the development and manufacture of ships furniture.

Our product ranges include: 

  • Accommodation Furniture for Ships, Submarines & Offshore Installations 
  • Weapon & Ammunition Stowage’s
  • Safes & Security Containers
  • Bespoke Furniture for Workboats and Other Vessels 
  • Equipment for Medical Centres

Naval Furniture

Varivane has a longstanding relationship with the global naval market, and our relationship with the UK Royal Navy dates back to the early 1980s. We have supported the Royal Navy fleet for over 30 years, for new-build projects, ship support and refurbishment, holding the enabling contract from the UK Ministry of Defence for the manufacture and supply of furniture to Royal Navy vessels. Our expertise in this field is second to none. We supply directly to the Royal Navy, and to all major UK shipbuilders, as well as to the global market.

Items supplied include:

  • Bunk units (2 tier, 3 tier), bunk settees, pullman beds, drawer units, wardrobes, cupboards, kit lockers, hanging units, lifejacket lockers, cleaning gear lockers, boot lockers, helmet stowage and bedside cabinets. 
  • Security furniture (includes safes, key cabinets, secretaires and response force lockers).
  • Miscellaneous items (includes such items as washbasin supports, amenity panels, chart tables, letter racks, bookcases, cap and coat hooks).
  • Chairs, stools, benches & settees. Tables and desk units, Soft furnishings, 
  • Small parts stowages. Ammunition & decoy round lockers
  • Ship to ship brows and quartermaster’s shelters

Commercial Marine

Varivane are a leading supplier of specialist accommodation equipment to the commercial marine sector, supplying items to a wide variety of vessels. Our portfolio of products offers a solution to all sectors of the commercial marine market. We have a wealth of technical expertise gained through decades of providing a reliable product and robust service, and have built up a customer base that includes some of the world’s leading commercial ship builders and marine outfitters. Our design and consultancy service covers areas such as technical surveys, design packages, product manufacturing and in-service support. All products  can be delivered worldwide, with speed and efficiency.


Varivane has a wealth of experience in the manufacture and supply of specialist furniture and equipment for use in medical and dental centres for ship, offshore and land based installations. Such equipment includes: bespoke bunk units, high dependency beds, operating tables, bed service panels, personal lockers and wardrobes, medicines and dressing cupboards, poisons cupboards, equipment lockers, stainless steel sink units, refrigeration units, oxygen bottle stowage’s, infusion hooks, soap and towel dispensers, clinical waste bins.


Varivane Industries are a leading supplier of specialist accommodation equipment to the workboat sector, supplying items for both maintenance support and crew transfer vessels.  We offer a full consultancy service, covering areas such as technical surveys, design packages, product manufacturing and in-service support.  We offer a complete design solution to retrofit equipment to existing vessels. We can design unique solutions to fit awkward spaces - larger items can be broken down for reassembly on board, ideally suited to the narrow confines of a catamaran hull.

Through Life Support

The on-going maintenance of your equipment is essential in ensuring optimum performance, safety, and to minimise Whole Life Costs (WLC).  Our Through Life Support includes assembly instructions, parts lists, recommended spares lists and maintenance instructions. All our Naval Modular furniture based on Def Stan 02-128 is fully codified (NSN) and maintenance spare parts are easily identifiable and available from Varivane, throughout the whole life of the products. Bespoke items, specially designed for your project, would be codified at time of manufacture, and fully supported as above.  

Certified Quality and Management Standards

  • ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Standard) 
  • ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management Standard) 
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard) 
  • AQAP 2105:2009 (NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Deliverable Quality Plans) 
  • AQAP 2130:2009 (NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Inspection and Test) 
  • AQAP 2120:2009 (NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Production) 
  • AQAP 2131:2006 (NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Final Inspection)
  • Furniture, bunks, beds, settees, pullman beds, lockers, wardrobes, desks, pedestals, chart tables, chairs, tables, medical, weapon & ammunition stowage’s, safes, security containers,


Accommodation Furniture

Design and manufacture full package of accommodation furniture for all types of vessels (including submarines) and installations.

Weapon & Ammunition Stowage

Design and manufacture of weapon & ammunition stowage’s for internal or weather deck use.

Safes & security containers

Design and manufacture of Safes and security containers

Design Studies

Design studies for through-life support, maintenance and spares for new and existing equipment

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