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National Oceanography Centre


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University of Southampton
Waterfront Campus
European Way
SO14 3ZH
United Kingdom


Oceanography Marine biology, Modelling Moorings, Metocean Advisors, Training Information, Hydrographic Services, Surveys, Sampling equipment, Platforms, Ships Service, Autonomous systems, Law of the Sea Marine boundary disputes, Consultants

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Huw Gullick

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MD NOC Innovations Ltd & Associate Director Strategic Business Development


World-class research from coast to deep ocean


Underpinning NOC’s world-class ocean science capabilities is a boundary pushing technology capability that enables full geographical and depth coverage of the planet’s ocean environment. NOC is home to world-leading expertise that delivers understanding of the ocean environment. We provide science that feeds into advice for policymakers, regulators, governments and industry around the effects and influence of the ocean on global climate, subsea ecosystems, habitats, geosciences, knowledge about the water column, tides currents and storm surges.

NOC is also home of the UK’s National Marine Facilities, providing the technologies that enable oceanographic exploration, including two of the most advanced research vessels in the world, the RRS JAMES COOK and the RRS DISCOVERY, the National Marine Equipment Pool (NMEP) and the largest fleet of Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS) in Europe.

Our technology capabilities are delivered through a combination of commercial off-the-shelf products and our own in-house innovations, delivered through two dedicated technology development teams, the Ocean Technology and Engineering Group, focused on developing measurement instruments, sensors and analysers and the Marine Autonomous Systems Development Group who are developing platforms and the associated command and control systems and software.

NOC has a strong track record engaging with industry to deliver projects and innovations that have applications across a number of sectors, including Oil and Gas, Defence, Offshore Renewable Energy, Carbon Capture and Storage. NOC has a strong reputation as an international leader in ocean science and marine technology development. Deployment of our established information products offering is significant to this success and is regarded as a role model by many foreign institutes. NOC also has experience in developing technologies that will reduce the cost and carbon footprint of operating within an ocean environment. Through the adoption of autonomous technologies NOC and our industrial partners have been able to deliver a more persistent presence in the ocean, reduce the cost of operations and removing humans from the dull, dirty and dangerous elements of operations.

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