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A manufacturer and provider of advanced integrated naval and maritime sensor, communication and combat management systems to the Royal Navy and international navies and shipbuilders.


International defence and security company with over 9,000 employees in the UK and 45,000 in the group in total. Leonardo operates across land, sea, air and cyber domains in the international marketplace. In the naval and maritime domain we work with governments and international partners to deliver advanced defence systems to platforms ranging from fast attack craft through to aircraft carriers, also including submarines. Our systems and solutions are saleable according to platform and mission profile and our portfolio and capabilities cover a wide range spanning major prime contracting contracts through to subsystem or equipment supply.

Prime Contracting

Leonardo undertakes prime defence systems contracts on behalf of the Royal Navy or international maritime and naval customers.

Combat Management Systems

We have successfully delivered combat management systems for a wide range of vessels integrating Leonardo radar, EO and communication subsystems with weapon systems to provide a complete naval defence solution on the platform

Integrated Communications Systems

Leonardo is able to design and deliver a complete integrated communications system for naval platforms. Recent examples include the RN’s MARS Tanker and Australia’s SEA1442 Frigate programme.

Fire Control Systems

Solutions can be based on Leonardo’s in-house fire control radar and EO directors or integrated third party subsystems.

Advanced Sensor Systems

AESA radar for surveillance and navigation solutions and high performance thermal imaging for IRST, surveillance and fire control.


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Manufacturers of Marine Certified Ship Alarm, Monitoring and Control Systems. Manufacturers and Integrators of Advanced Multifunction Ship Command Systems

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