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RS Aqua Limited


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21/22 The Slipway
Marina Keep
Port Solent
United Kingdom


Wave buoy, Wave Radar, Wave Glider, CTD, Fluorometer, data logger, drifter, buoyancy, autonomous surface vehicle, glider, Iridium, winch, LARS, ROV, beacon, tracking, ballast water, acoustics, subsea power, battery, sensors

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Martin Stemp

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Managing Director


Suppliers of marine scientific instrumentation and systems for research, offshore, defence and maritime industries


Ocean monitoring equipment for coastal, offshore and deep ocean applications. A comprehensive range of oceanographic parameters are included in the product portfolio. Suppliers to ocean research, offshore oil & gas, offshore renewable energy, coastal monitoring, maritime, port & harbour and surveying sectors.


Autonomous Surface Vehicles

Wave Glider is the first autonomous marine  robot  to use the ocean's endless supply of wave energy for propulsion. Now in use and proven in UK waters.

Current Meters

A range of ADCPs and DVLs.

Fisheries Research

We supply a range of equipment for acoustic tracking and monitoring off fish and aquatic animals, also various water quality, biogeochemical, current  and wave sensors.

Oceanographic Equipment

RS Aqua supplies oceanographic and environmental equipment to the research, survey and monitoring markets.

Mooring Accessories

Floatation products for subsea deployments, location beacons and acoustic releases/recovery systems


A range of submersible, field and laboratory sensors, including fluorometers, CTD, current  and wave sensor systems.


Wave monitoring equipment for the coastal and offshore environments. Methods include acoustic, radar, pressure and surface moored buoy.

Member Highlight

WesCom Signal and Rescue UK Limited

Manufacturer of Comet, Pains Wessex, Oroquieta and Aurora marine distress signals for commercial and leisure marine markets and search and rescue organisations supplying products through an extensive global distribution network.

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