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Planet Ocean Limited


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Unit 16 Camberley Business Centre
GU15 3DP
United Kingdom


marine scientific instruments, data buoys, research, survey, operations, support, AUV, autonomy, autonomous systems, sensors, oceanography, ROV, environmental, Wave sensor, wave radar, CTD, tracking, data logger, sediment corers, turbidity, acidification, fluorimeters, CO2, temperature sensor, methane, pH, phosphate, nitrate, salinity, side scan sonar

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Terry Sloane

Contact Position:

Managing Director


Specialist in the provision of high quality, marine scientific instruments for research, survey, naval and operations support


Planet Ocean Ltd is a privately owned UK company located in central southern England and specialising in the provision of high quality, marine scientific instruments for research, survey, naval and operations support.

Planet Ocean represents some of the world’s foremost manufacturers of oceanographic and marine meteorological equipment covering a wide spectrum of disciplines including;  radar wave measuring systems, data buoys, meteorological systems, tide and wave recorders, turbidity systems, dissolved gas sensors, suspended sediment and particle analysers, Seabed assessment systems, imaging flow cytometers, CTD, systems, fluorometer systems, acoustic plankton and ice keel samplers, passive acoustic monitoring systems and hydrophones, mooring beacons, miniature temperature & salinity recorders, fish tags, nitrate sensors, phosphate sensors, radiometers, irradiance sensors and ocean observatories, ARGO floats, Autonomous underwater and surface vehicles, Side Scan Sonar.

Planet Ocean is also engaged in the design and manufacture of bespoke systems, and data buoys.

Representing: Analite, ASL Environmental Sciences, ASV, CONTROS, Deep Trekker,  DotOcean, ecoSUB Robotics, Elkins Oceanic, Fluid Imaging Technology, Fluidion,  GABRI, Kongsburg, Marine Sonic Technologies, Ocean Sonics, RADAC, Romor, Satlantic, Sea-Bird Electronics, SeaView Systems, Sequoia, Star-Oddi, WET Labs, Xeos.

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