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Impalloy Limited


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Galvanic anodes and systems. Applications: pipelines, platforms, subsea structures; wind turbine foundations, renewables; ports and harbour, jetties, pontoons, dock gates; ships and boats hulls, ballast, grey and potable water tanks

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Ross Fielding

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CP & Business Development Manager


One of the worlds foremost experts in cathodic protection using Aluminium and Zinc Galvanic Anodes


Sacrificial Anodes for the sacrificial protection of immersed steel using aluminium and zinc alloys have been supplied Worldwide by Impalloy for over 40 years.

An investment in our fabrication facilities has provided an un rivalled resource in the area, with pipe bending to 4" of 12 metre lengths, brake press, plate rollers and machining.  Weld qualification to 15mm in 30mm parent materials complements this extensive facility. 

Sacrificial anodes are used on pipelines, platforms, subsea structures; wind turbine foundations and monopiles, wave and tidal generators; quay and harbour walls, jetties & pontoons, dock gates; ships and boats ulls, ballast, grey and potable water tanks; power station intake screens and sorage tanks.  In short any where steel is immersed in water, anodes will be found. 

We specialise in manufacturing larger platform, bracelet and flush mounted Anodes, in sizes up to 4000Kg to the exacting standards of the offshore industry.  Our long track record is proof of our expertise in this area.

Extensive testing using modern equipment is backed up by our DNV certication of our alloy.

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