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Tom Matthewson

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Regional Manager – UK and Ireland


Independent research and consultancy in civil engineering and environmental hydraulics


HR Wallingford is an independent engineering and environmental hydraulics organisation. We deliver practical solutions to the complex water-related challenges faced by our international clients. A dynamic research programme underpins all that we do and keeps us at the leading edge.  Our unique mix of know-how, assets and facilities includes state of the art physical modelling laboratories, a full range of numerical modelling tools and, above all, enthusiastic people with world-renowned skills and expertise.

Design, construction and operation of projects in the maritime environment present challenges for all those involved in their development and implementation.  Maritime projects succeed by striking a balance between natural and economic forces, and this requires a sound understanding of the processes involved.  At HR Wallingford, we are specialists in the maritime environment and the acknowledged expertise of our engineers and scientists has been used to develop and optimise maritime projects around the world. 

HR Wallingford provides a wide range of technical consultancy services for use throughout a project – from initial planning and feasibility studies, through preliminary and detailed design, to construction and operation. We focus on delivering appropriate, cost-effective solutions – always within a sound planning, engineering and environmentally acceptable framework.

Our services are used for a wide range of maritime projects. These include ports, harbours, marine terminals, marinas, coast protection works and other coastal developments as well as industrial infrastructure such as intakes, outfalls and pipelines. We provide advice on estuary crossings such as bridges, embankments, barrages and barriers. Our research into sediment properties, dredging processes and the beneficial use of dredged materials helps us to optimise dredging and reclamation strategies.

Our expert consultancy advice is backed by state of the art computational and physical models. We have many techniques available to establish wave and current climate, and to examine issues associated with sediment transport and water quality. We can also investigate dredging and navigational concerns, structural aspects, and the environmental and coastal impact of any maritime project.

  • Impact and design studies for all maritime development projects
  • Data collection, collation, analysis and review 
  • Hydrodynamic, sediment transport scour and water quality modelling 
  • Ship manoeuvring and mooring studies, navigation and marine risk studies and vessel operations analysis 
  • Channel and port layout optimisation 
  • Dredging and disposal studies 
  • Planning and conceptual design and specialist support to detailed design 
  • Assistance with consents process 
  • Design, execution and management of field monitoring programmes
  • Marine data and geographic information solutions
  • Real time forecasting 
  • Expert witness services 


Coastal infrastructure and management 

HR Wallingford has an international track record of achievement in applied coastal research and specialist consultancy. We offer a range of expert services related to coastal infrastructure including physical and numerical modelling, design and planning consultation, support for project appraisal reports (PARs) and environmental impact assessments (EIA), strategy studies and management plans, expert assessments and guidance for asset management.

Ports, harbours and terminals

HR Wallingford offers a range of services for ports, harbours and marine terminals, from the review and development of existing infrastructure to site selection and evaluation of options for new facilities. We help our clients to plan future port development, optimise the design of port infrastructure and obtain the necessary licensing and consents.


HR Wallingford offers integrated dredging and reclamation solutions to support the development of new infrastructure such as ports, airports, waterfront developments and artificial islands. We help our clients design, procure and deliver their projects on schedule while achieving the best value for money.

Navigation services

HR Wallingford is a world leader in assessing and simulating ship navigation and manoeuvring. Our suite of real-time ship and tug simulators combine our extensive hydraulic modelling capabilities with our ship handling models and our experienced expert team of maritime engineers, master mariners, pilots, tug masters, naval architects and software modelling experts.

Physical modelling facilities

HR Wallingford operates the most modern and extensive suite of physical modelling facilities available anywhere in the world. Our facilities extend to approximately 14,400 m² and include a variety of basins and flumes.

Marine data and geographic information solutions

Marine Geographic Information Solutions from Instrument to Desktop. HR Wallingford's SeaZone team combines knowledge of marine science, data acquisition and use, with expertise in geographic information systems (GIS) and data management, to provide customers with innovative solutions that address their data access, processing and management needs.

Estuary management and infrastructure

HR Wallingford delivers effective estuarine solutions and strategies that consider the key natural processes and balance engineering and commercial needs with economic, social and environmental factors. Our unique mix of know-how, assets and facilities includes state of the art physical modelling laboratories, a full range of computational modelling tools and expert staff with world-renowned skills and experience

Waterfront developments

HR Wallingford has a proven international track record in the delivery of successful solutions for waterfront developments. We help our clients to consider and understand the marine environment at all stages of the project life cycle, from concept development and master planning through to engineering design, construction and operation.

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