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BAE Systems Maritime - Naval Ships


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Type 45 Destroyer Queen Elizabeth Class OPV River Class 62m Fast Attack Craft Type 26 Pacific 950 24 Arctic boats Rigid Raiding Craft Fast Interceptor Combat Management Environmental Data Gathering Marine Environmental Risk Management Submarine

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Encompasses ship design, build and combat systems capability for the surface fleet


BAE Systems Maritime – Naval Ships encompasses ship design, build and combat systems capability for the surface fleet.

Leveraging expertise in complex engineering programmes, we offer the whole spectrum of naval ships, including offshore patrol vessels through to giant aircraft carriers, giving customers the capability to fulfil extensive naval operations.

We also develop and integrate state of the art combat systems for the surface fleet, equipping customers with the best information to operate effectively in modern naval environments.


  • Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers
  • Type 45 destroyers
  • Global Combat Ship
  • Corvettes
  • Offshore Patrol Vessels
  • Amphibious Vessels
  • Fast Attack Craft
  • Small Boats including Pacific 950, Pacific 24, Arctic range, Rigid Raiding Craft and Fast Interceptor Craft


Combat and Information Systems




The Type 45 destroyer protects forces against the strongest of threats from enemy aircraft and missiles. Highly versatile, it can conduct operations, including anti-piracy and anti-smuggling, disaster-relief and surveillance as well as high intensity war fighting.

Aircraft Carriers

The Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers will be the biggest warships ever constructed in the UK, each providing our armed forces with a four acre military operating base, which can be deployed worldwide.

Offshore Patrol Vessels

The Offshore Patrol Vessel is a highly versatile ship, designed to perform Economic Exclusion Zone management roles, including the provision of maritime security to coastal areas and effective disaster relief.


The corvette is a highly capable vessel delivering anti-air and anti-surface capabilities, providing Economic Exclusion Zone protection and deterrent operations.

Fast Attack Craft

The 62 metre Fast Attack Craft is designed as a high speed, multi-role platform able to operate in both anti-air and surface combat situations.

Global Combat Ship

The Global Combat Ship is a highly capable multirole warship designed to be offered in Anti-Submarine Warfare, Air Defence and General Purpose variants.

Small Boats

We have over 50 years experience of producing specialist medium to high speed military craft under 20 metres, including Rigid Inflatable Boats, Raiding Craft and Fast Inteerceptor Craft.

Combat Systems

Supplier and integrator of combat management systems for surface and sub-surface fleet

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