News from the UK Government

14 February 2019

BEIS First of a Kind Energy Storage Competition

BEIS recently opened a £20m grant competition to fund up to 3 demonstrations of large-scale energy storage using innovative technologies.

  • The Competition will consider proposals for pre-commercial innovative large, static electrical energy (e.g. compressed air, flow batteries, etc.) or power-to-x (e.g. Hydrogen, Ammonia, Biomethane etc.) energy storage facilities.
  • On Power-to-X - The competition guidance points to the fact “these technologies provide significant opportunity across the energy system, as they convert electricity into a fuel that can support the decarbonisation of different sectors including industry, heating, power and across transport modes (e.g. rail, maritime and road).

Given the above, there is real potential for transport operators (ports, rail companies, bus companies, etc.) to be involved as users of the hydrogen or other fuels produced by successful projects of this competition.

  • The BEIS team leading this competition would therefore welcome DfT sector leads making stakeholders aware of this competition and advocate interested parties to register and attend the information day on 4th March in London.

Some points to note:

  • The Competition will not be open to conventional types of energy storage technology i.e. lithium-ion batteries, sodium sulphur batteries, lead acid batteries or pumped hydro.
  • Projects should be capable of operating cost-effectively with a target minimum output power of:
    • 30MW or minimum capacity of 50MWh for electrical energy storage technologies, or
    • with a target minimum input power of 5MW for power-to-x technologies.
  • Clarification question deadline – 3 April
  • Registration deadline – 17 April
  • Proposal submission deadline – 26 April