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21 August 2013

Seminar on 23 October on new policies on reservists

A seminar on the new government policies on “Reservists” for the armed forces, the implications for their employment in the maritime industries and a discussion on measures that can be taken to mitigate the disruption caused by prolonged absences will be hosted by the Society of Maritime Industries at the Army & Navy Club in London on Wednesday 23 October. 

Following the publication of the government’s white paper - Reserves in the Future Force 2020: Valuable and Valued - the new policies are now in the public domain. The volunteer reserve numbers are planned to increase by more than 60% from their present number of 21,590 to a target of 34,900.

UK companies, especially those operating in the defence industry, will recognise the importance of supporting these new policies but will wish to consider more fully the implications which the employment of reservists may have on their businesses. This is particularly relevant for small SMEs where the prolonged absence of key employees has the potential to severely disrupt business plans, production and delivery of services.

The presentations and subsequent discussions aim to inform senior managers of the latest policies and the mitigation and plans that can be put in place to overcome any perceived difficulties.

Presentations will be made by the MOD Assistant Director, Maritime Reserves, Captain Paul Hill RD RNR, Mr Eugene Morgan, of BMT Defence Services Ltd, who, as a reservist and Commanding Officer of HMS President, home of the Royal Naval Reserve in London, has an understanding of the implications for smaller companies, Mr Simon Lewis of the SME, Aish Technologies Ltd., and Mr Geoff Searle, of BAE Systems, who are also both reservists.




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