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29 June 2018

Society of Maritime Industries holds successful UK Pavilion at Posidonia 2018

The Society of Maritime Industries was once again at the Posidonia exhibition in Athens at the beginning of June. This show itself forms only a part of the 7-10 day activity with sailing regattas, external conferences and seminars and extravagant evening receptions in Piraeus to Glyfada and beyond.

The exhibition itself is out in the north east of Athens unconnected from any public transport network creating an eventful week of travel via bus, metro and taxi for exhibitors and visitors alike.

The 23,500 visitors that get to the show need to be congratulated on their perseverance.  Within the exhibition halls there was a good atmosphere with full aisles and always the presence of a live band or a DJ, all competing for attention.

The UK pavilion hosted 5 organisations all who came with positive feedback on their week in Athens.

Shaun Barrell, Head of Business Development at Clarkson Research Services said,

SMI holds successful UK Pavilion at Posidonia 2018
“Posidonia 2018 has been a successful week, we’ve re-connected with existing clients and made many new connections to follow up with. We’ve received an overwhelming positive response to our Global World Fleet Register system that focuses on the Fleet, Technology, Regulatory and Markets.  The increase in attendance this year I think highlights that there is a more positive outlook for the Shipping and Offshore markets. We look forward to the next even more positive event in 2020!


The Nautical Institute was presented with a Green Award Incentive Provider status at the exhibition.

The Institute, a professional membership organisation serving seafarers around the world, supports the aims of the Green Award which recognises ships that work to be extra safe and environmentally sound.Society of Maritime Industries holds successful UK Pavilion at Posidonia 2018

Bridget Hogan, the Institute’s Director of Publications and Membership said,

“The Green Award recognition was only one element of the show. We were visited by many of our 7,000 members, sold many of our best practice manuals and got a lot of interest in our short courses.”

The UK industry was represented in a strong way with 124 companies being listed.  Many of those companies were with their localpartner, an important requirement in this very connected market.

Tom Chant, SMI Director said,

“There was a stark contrast between the 2016 edition of the show and this one.  The positive outlook reflects a stronger Greek economy and of course an uptick in the newly rebalanced shipping market in which the Greeks are so strong.  We’ll be back in 2020, and companies will need to budget and plan for this early on as space will be at a premium.”


About The Society of Maritime Industries (SMI):

SMI is the voice of the UK’s maritime engineering and business sector promoting and supporting companies which design, build, refit and modernise ships, and supply equipment and services for all types of commercial and naval ships, ports and terminals infrastructure, offshore oil & gas, maritime security & safety, marine science and technology, maritime autonomous systems and marine renewable energy.  



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