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19 June 2020

Service offer for SMI members in China!

SMI has a unique service to offer its members in China.  For the past 20 years Chen Li Ming has been working with SMI members to build their contacts and business in China. 

After an exploratory conversation Chen can advise on a plan of action and help with contacts and meetings.  The variety of work covered by Chen over the years has been extensive and has included working with design and equipment companies.  Typically the engagement might include arranging and accompanying companies on meetings which can be throughout China.  At the recent Marintec China 2019 exhibition Chen was able arrange a high level introductions for Polaris Media, a maritime marketing agency and SMI member. 

Ben Pinnington, managing director of Polaris Media said:

"Polaris has identified China as one of our key growth markets and we have benefitted greatly from working with SMI and Chen. We've found Chen personable and knowledgeable and he has great contacts and good bilingual language skills for meetings. Chen is helping us with our Chinese clients and plays an important role in building relations and helping with cultural understandings, which our Chinese clients have requested."

Tom Chant and Chen Li Ming at Marintec China 2019Chen said:

“I worked at the Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute (SDARI) in Shanghai for 10 years and acted as planning manager in a shipyard for 6 years. This is a secret weapon I am capable to approach different companies and organisations in the Chinese maritime industry.  I enjoy working with SMI members as the UK supply chain is very strong with good products and services to offer.  Please do get in touch and we can work out the best approach.”

If you are an SMI member get in touch with SMI to get an introduction to Chen.


About The Society of Maritime Industries (SMI):

SMI is the voice of the UK’s maritime engineering and business sector promoting and supporting companies which design, build, refit and modernise ships, and supply equipment and services for all types of commercial and naval ships, ports and terminals infrastructure, offshore oil & gas, maritime security & safety, marine science and technology, maritime autonomous systems and marine renewable energy.  



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