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02 October 2019

SMI visit the Genting shipyard MV Werften Wismar

The SMI’s Commercial Marine Group Council were privileged to be invited to the Genting shipyard MV Werften Wismar. 

The CMG Council Chair, Kevin Robertson of Kelvin Hughes had brokered the mission on a recent visit to the yard.  The mission started with Genting’s CEO Peter Fetten introducing the yard, his plans and the senior management team who had been assembled to meet the group. 

After presentations from the SMI companies to the senior management team and a fine lunch in the yard canteen the group was given a tour of the yard.  The scale of the yard and level of automation impressed the Council members. 

Driverless trucks are used to deliver steel between production process points with automated welding gradually building up the units.  For in the in-build cruise ship “Global 1”, there are 144 modules being assembled.

The production process is backed up by huge investment in the yard with new cranes and further automated machinery coming online soon and all backed up by an apprenticeship program for 300 students.

Kevin Robertson said,

Genting Shipyard“The Genting Management have clearly shown the Industry that they have a long term strategy for not only developing a variety of cruising experiences within their brands, but platforms that can be adapted for other owners to build within their yards.  With three Genting yards working together to develop these platforms, efficiencies and purchasing leverage can be maximised, which emphasises the ‘long term’ planning that has been undertaken". 

"The ‘on-board’ experiences, Genting will be offering are truly exciting and the management continue to look for new suppliers to help deliver levels of innovation and excellence which British Marine companies can help deliver, going forward”.

Noel Tomlinson, Head of Business Development at BMT said,

"The Genting shipyard MV Werften Shipyard were superb hosts and both the shipyard and all the UK suppliers finished the day with substantial new contacts and a much greater knowledge and understanding of each other, which I believe is clear demonstration of the value for all involved. The event demonstrated one of many benefits of the SMI membership, by providing the rare opportunity for UK businesses to present their capabilities, services and products to the senior management to one of the world’s leading cruise ship builders".

Tom Chant, Director of the CMG Council said,

“This was a superb visit that opened the eyes of even the most experienced Council members.  The yard is supremely focussed on building cruise ships for the expanding Genting brands and with all their investments it will surely become an even stronger global player in this $60bn market.” 

Companies that attended were:

  • BMT
  • Lloyd’s Register
  • L3 Harris
  • ICE Design
  • Kelvin Hughes (Hensoldt UK)
  • Twiflex
  • Rivertrace


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