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24 March 2020

SMI member Templar Executives provides home-working advice. E-Learning special offer also being announced this week

In this new world order of working from home, a lot of people will be asked to work remotely for the first time. This will be new to many and unfortunately opens up potential cyber vulnerabilities for companies who are already under pressure.  SMI member’s Templar Executives, a Cyber Security SME,  have produced some useful guidelines for home working and some easy to refer to How-To Guides. 

Top tips for working from home:

  • Check before you click – spoof emails can look just like the real thing.  Be careful with attachments or links. If you have doubts about a message, ring the sender to check. 
  • Be tough to crack – use strong passwords, such as three random words, including capital letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Share with care – on social media, be aware of what you say.  Don’t reveal any company information without approval and password protect where necessary.
  • Follow organisational policies – home/remote working is a new environment for many people. Be discreet, safeguard information and lock devices when not actively used.
  • Report it – report all security incidents and breaches to your Line Manager, to the Security team or to the IT department, in line with company policy.

You can access the current How-To-Guides from You-Tube link here  

Templar Executives will also be announcing a National Cyber Security Centre and ClassNK certified Cyber Security Awareness e-learning offer this week for SMI members. 

For more information and help please contact:    

Anu Khurmi, Templar Executives Ltd.

83 Victoria Street, Westminster, SW1H 0HW

+44 (0)20 3542 9075 | Mobile: +44 (0)7900 023488 | | @templarexecs

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