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12 January 2018

BMT and MSI in Joint Alexandroupolis FSRU Terminal Project Award

BMT and Metocean Services International (MSI) have been jointly awarded a contract by Gastrade to deploy an Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) and develop metocean criteria to be utilised for the design of the offshore moored FSRU and the subsea pipeline to shore.

BMT and MSI in Joint Alexandroupolis FSRU Terminal Project AwardThe Alexandroupolis FSRU will be located offshore Greece in the northern Aegean Sea in approximately 40m water depth and will connect to shore via a 24km subsea pipeline. The FSRU is part of the Alexandroupolis Independent Natural Gas System which aims to create a new natural gas gateway to central and south-eastern Europe.

MSI will provide a site-specific measurement program to record metocean parameters including waves, currents, water levels and temperature offshore, as well as meteorological parameters onshore for a period of 12 months.

BMT will deliver the metocean criteria study to support the engineering design phase and will use its in-house, long-term wave hindcast and hydrodynamic modelling software TUFLOW-FV, to simulate local sea states and hydrodynamic conditions. TUFLOW-FV is a 2D/3D finite volume numerical model that simulates hydrodynamic, sediment transport and water quality processes.

Robin Stephens, BMT’s Metocean Group Manager, explains: 

“We have worked closely with Gastrade’s engineers to formulate a programme of work that will produce high integrity metocean criteria to support the design of the Terminal’s facilities.  A key requirement from the client is to reduce uncertainty in metocean characterisation.  This will ensure that the design is fit for purpose, but not overly conservative. BMT and MSI have collaborated successfully on a range of metocean projects over recent years, and are able to combine synergies to provide appropriate and cost-effective metocean solutions.”


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