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Second Quarter 2020 Trade Figures Lift Veil On Rough Months For UK Freight Industry, But No Crystal Ball To Determine Future Outlook

The UK’s Q2 port freight statistics from the Department for Transport released today have shone a light on the impact on trade at the height of the pandemic. When comparing April to June 2020 with April to June 2019 through the UK&rsq...

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A&P Delivers Dry Docking for P&O’s Norbay

P&O’s ropax ferry Norbay has undergone a dry docking and repair at A&P Tyne which included the removal and overhaul of the vessel’s stabilisers. During the vessel’s 12 days in dock, A&P’s team remove...

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NOC leads marine community towards zero-carbon future

An ambitious scoping project, led by the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), has launched today to investigate how to move towards low or zero-carbon oceanographic research. The aim of the&...

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Babcock's Rosyth Facility Completes Work Package on Pacific Egret

Babcock International, the Aerospace and Defence company, has completed a package of work on Pacific Egret, a vessel dedicated to industrial transportation at its Rosyth facility. Pacific Egret, operated by Pacific Nuclear Transport Ltd an...

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BMT reaches major milestone with a design win for new cutting-edge fast patrol boats for the Royal Navy’s Gibraltar Squadron

Designed for Marine Specialised Technology (MST), the two new 19m fast, patrol vessels will provide the Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron with a modern, high-speed, and effective capability for fulfilling their important role. BMT is pleas...

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Oceanology International 2020

The Oceanology International portfolio of events offers world leading exhibitions and conferences where industry, academia and government share knowledge and connect with the marine science and ocean technology communities.

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