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Tank Level and Content Management, Tank Level Transmitter, Tank Level Switch, Bilge Level Switch, Tank Level Display, Flood Detection Alarm Systems, Water Ingress Detection and Alarm Systems, Cargo Tank Overpressure Alarm Systems, Tank Cleaning, Tank Venting, Inert Gas Systems

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Mark Jones

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Sales & Marketing Director


PSM Instrumentation is a specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of all equipment related to tank management and control on all classes of vessel.


PSM Instrumentation – Specialist in Marine Control Instrumentation and all aspects of onboard tank management

Established for over thirty years and based in the UK, PSM Instrumentation is a specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of gauging and control systems for shipboard tanks for Vessels of all types. As part of the Scanjet Marine Group we offer the most comprehensive range of tank management equipment, including gauging, cleaning, venting and inert gas systems

Product highlights include:

  • TankView: Level measurement and supervision systems for ballast, cargo, service and bunker fuel oil tanks with a full range of marine approved hydrostatic and radar level transmitters and tank / bilge alarm switches.
  • ScanVent: market leading vent / vacuum valve for tankers. Unique design for high efficiency and reduced maintenance.
  • Tank Cleaning: Scanjet Tank Cleaning Machines are established world-leaders with unrivalled design capability and experience
  • Tank Venting: Water and air driven ventilation fans
  • Inert Gas systems: Full in-house design capability for all applications.

Working with engineers and designers, fleet operators, and maintenance and repair companies, and understanding their requirements, has enabled us to develop products and systems dedicated to meeting their specific applications.

Experience that Counts

With our unparalleled engineering and design expertise in marine control instrumentation, we are able to recommend and supply the optimum solutions for any application and particular vessel.

PSM products carry type approval from all the main marine societies to demonstrate that they are fit for purpose and suitable for the required environment and performance criteria. They also meet many country specific approval standards. They are ATEX and IECEx approved for use in hazardous areas. We run an approved quality system to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 to give you further confidence in your purchase from PSM.

We are happy to provide technical support and impartial advice, as to product selection and regulations, before, during and beyond installation. Please review our product range and/or contact us to discuss your requirements


Hydrostatic level transmitters

APT 500 Marine certified Pressure and Level transmitter
The APT 500 provides a fully approval and I.S. certified 2 wire 4-20mA transmitter suitable for continuous submersion and offered in Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Hastelloy materials for suitability with all shipboard fluids. Covering ranges from 2 metres WG to 40 Bar the APT provides a reliable, accurate, and cost-effective solution for all onboard applications.

APT1000 Smart Dual Mode Hydrostatic Level Transmitter
The APT1000 is a smart liquid level transmitter that can be programmed for measurement range, functionality and diagnostics by the user via an RS485 Hart modem and a software configuration tool

Level switches

KD Series Mechanical Marine Float Level Switch
Marine float level switches horizontally or vertically mounted, provide high-level or low-level detection of liquids in all types of vessels. PSM offers a wide range of float switch models that will suit each specific application

Bilge Level Switches

BLS 9200 Bilge Level Switch
PSM has designed the BLS 9200 compact but rugged bilge water level alarm switch specifically for marine bilge level measurement on vessels of all sizes

Tank Level Display and Control Systems

TankView 2200 Marine Tank Level Monitoring and Supervision Systems
PSM's intelligent marine tank level monitoring and supervision systems are powerful, versatile and simple to apply. The TankView 2200 offers comprehensive marine tank level display and control facilities