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Thales UK - Underwater Systems, Naval and Electronic Warfare


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Sonars, Submarine, Surface Ship, Masts, Communications, Outboard, Inboard, Manufacturing, Trainers, Simulators, Transducers, Test Ranges, Recording and Analysis, Flank Arrays,Capability Assessment,System Integration,Through Life Capability Management

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Building on more than 40 years of experience in undersea warfare, Thales is now a global leader in underwater systems and the world’s top exporter of sonars and related systems for naval forces



Thales propose a large range of systems foranti-submarine warfare and mine counter measures. The group's expertise spans the entire spectrum of sonar technologies, from acoustics, electronics, signal processing and mechanical engineering to data fusion, as well as single or multi-platform operating systems.


For surface combatants, Thales brings a large experience in active low frequency variable depth sonars and hull mounted sonars. Recent successes include the FREMM European multi-mission frigates and the second phase of the UK2087 Programme for two T23 frigates.


The Thales Submarine offer comprises a full range of acoustic and non-acoustic sensors to provide conventional or nuclear-powered submarines with outstanding detection and ISR capacity. Latest references comprise the UMS 3000 integrated sonar system for French Navy Barracuda nuclear-powered attack submarine, the 2076 sonar suite and CM010 non-hull penetrating optronicmast for UK Astute Class, as well as S-Cube sonar suite for IndiaScorpene or for Ecuadorian Navy's 209 type submarine refit.


Building on decades of expertise in airborne acoustic systems for both anti-submarine helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft, Thales has established an unrivalled depth of experience in active dipping sonar, advanced sonobuoys processing and high performance active & passive sonobuoys. The US Navy chose the worldwide N°1 dipping sonar FLASH for its MH-60R Seahawk helicopters, the Royal Navy for its Merlins and the United Arab Emirate for its Naval Cougars. France, Norway and Sweden have also chosen FLASH and FLASH-S for their NFH90s. The dipping sonar has also been successfully adapted to SPARTAN Unmanned Surface Vehicle.


As integrator of over half the world's in-service fleet of mine hunters, Thales covers the full spectrum for mine countermeasures including mine hunting and mine avoidance sonars, influence sweeps, tactical systems and multi-influence measurement stations. Thales leads large-scale mine countermeasure programmes and assumes total responsibility for the chosen solution, from prime contracting and system engineering through to shipboard installation and at-sea qualification, in addition to equipment and combat system integration.


Thales operates at all levels of the support spectrum offering a complete range of services and support packages to suit specific operational and maintenance requirements.

With a real understanding of the operational environment, proven expertise in complex naval systems and appropriate project management skills, Thales naval services are organised as a modular offering tailored to customers' equipment programmes, fleets and support infrastructures

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In-Service Support

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Thales above-water combat systems and radars meet a wide range of needs for surface and anti-air warfare. These 'systems solutions ‘perform surveillance, command and combat functions and support weapon systems from both US and European manufacturers.


As a key partner of navies worldwide, Thales offers cutting edge technology: from the world’s largest sensor and fire control portfolio to leading C4ISR solutions, from prime contracting to lead system integration, from warship modernisation programmes to innovative operational life cycle support & services for the broadest range of ship classes.

Thales has the capabilities to design, develop, produce, integrate and support fully-missionized systems and subsystems in the areas of C2 systems (Command& Control), and anti-air warfare systems. The group also delivers state-of-the-art equipment & systems: radars, optronics, communications and electronic warfare all incorporating cutting-edge hardware and software.


Underwater Battlespace

  • Design, produce and integrate Submarine and Surface Ship System - a wide range of active and passive sonars
  • Design, produce and integrate Airborne Acoustic Systems for both anti-submarine helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft (dipping sonars, sonobuoys, advanced sonic processing)
  • Design, develop and produce Mine Countermeasures Systems
  • Design and manufacture RF Antenna and Communication Buoys
  • Design and integrate External Communication Systems

Naval Services

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