Marine Autonomy Challenge Webinar

Thursday 9th July 2020
1100 - 1200

The Marine Autonomy Challenge on-water finals were due to take place this summer, but have inevitably been postponed until next year. Five University teams were preparing to design and build an autonomous surface vehicle, capable of undertaking a number of challenging tasks.

In its place this year, we offer this Webinar, where one of the finalists – University Centre South Devon, describe how they were planning to meet the challenge. Joining the team for the Webinar, we also have Danielle Berenbaum of L3Harris, who will give a recent graduate’s perspective of joining the maritime industry, and Hugh Maclean of AutoNaut Ltd., who will talk through some of the challenges in bringing design to reality. There will also be an opportunity for questions for the panel.


  • Introduction (5 minutes) – Geraint West, Chair of the Maritime Autonomous Systems Group Council at the Society of Maritime Industries will talk about the Marine Autonomy Challenge aims and objectives, a brief outline of the planned on-water challenge, what we hope to achieve in this webinar and how we hope to take forward the challenge into next year.
  • University Centre South Devon (10 minutes) – One of the teams selected for the finals will outline how they would have tackled this year’s on-water challenge and what they consider to be the hardest problem to solve.
  • A Graduate’s Perspective at L3Harris (10 minutes) - Danielle Berenbaum will go through her experience as a graduate to where she is now. From finding a 2 year graduate placement at L3Harris where she completed 4 rotations with the aim of gaining experience throughout the company and finding the department most suited to her aspirations. Danielle did exactly that and worked with L3Harris to find a role that suited her perfectly for what she wanted to achieve and learn in Business Development. Skip forward 2 years to today, and with nearly 4 years at L3Harris under her belt, Danielle is the Systems Engineer for Type 31e Integrated Platform Management System and has just recently helped the project reach a very successful Preliminary Design Phase milestone.
  • Drawing Board to Deep Ocean: Lessons learnt in designing unmanned systems (10 minutes) – As the Engineering Manager at AutoNaut, Hugh Maclean has been involved from concept to build of an ocean going robot capable of collecting data from any ocean on the planet using solar power and wave foil propulsion. Full system, big picture, designing incorporating electrical, mechanical and naval architecture. Hugh will talk about;

    • Advantages and common errors with prototyping and testing model and full scale,
    • When off the shelf parts are better than custom bespoke parts and when they are not,
    • Designing mechanical and electrical system interfaces
  • Questions for the Panel (10 minutes) – Tim Currass will facilitate questions for the panel, submitted using the online chat facility.
  • Close (3 minutes max) – Geraint West will bring the webinar to a close.

We hope you can join us for what promises to be a fascinating 60 minutes!


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Upcoming Dates for this event

  • Thu 09 Jul 2020 (Deadline for booking is Thu 09 Jul 2020)
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