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19 October 2017

EDA call for papers: Maritime Surveillance Capabilities

The European Defence Agency (EDA) today published a call for papers on the topic of Maritime Surveillance which is open to defence industry, academia, research institutes and associations or groupings of industrial suppliers. The call is part of EDA’s new approach towards establishing a structured dialogue and enhanced engagement with industry in the context of the ongoing Capability Development Plan (CDP) revision and aims at associating defence industry to an upcoming EDA Maritime Surveillance Workshop with defence planners and relevant experts. 

EDA call for papers - Maritime Surveillance CapabilitiesFollowing a first workshop focusing on Remotely Piloted Air Systems (RPAS) which took place on 12th September 2017, the EDA is now organising a second one-day workshop to be held on 1 February 2018 to explore the mid to long-term (20 years ahead) aspects of Maritime Surveillance.

This workshop will not be a forum for discussing the commercial aspects of current systems, but a dialogue intended to enrich the CDP long-term view with industry inputs on the long term industrial and technological outlook in the specific capability area of Maritime Surveillance.

In this perspective, the EDA is inviting National Defence Industry Associations (NDIAs) and the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) to reach out to their members and encourage them to respond to the call for papers. 

Selected industry representatives will be invited to share their views of long-term outlooks focusing on the questions listed in the questionnaire. Speakers will be selected based on this call for papers, which will be evaluated by the EDA.

Submissions are sought from as wide as possible a range of industries involved in aspects of development related to Maritime Surveillance. Though responses to all questions in the questionnaire are encouraged, submitters may develop answers to specific questions in greater detail based on their area of expertise. This will allow thematic discussion panels to be formed.

Submissions will be judged on their innovativeness and relevance as well as ability to stimulate discussion on the future role of Maritime Surveillance. Participation in this call for papers is open to companies of any size as well as academic, semi-governmental research institutes and associations or grouping of industrial suppliers. 

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