News from Europe

17 April 2018

EDA’s new SME Corner now online

The SME Corner at the EDA website has been redesigned to make it an even more comprehensive and reader-friendly source of information on EDA defence industry related matters for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and SME-policy makers. 

The new SME Corner has two main building blocks: (1) industry opportunities and (2) government opportunities. Among many other things, interested parties can find there valuable information about how to get involved in European defence research and capability development as well as guidance and practical advice on how to benefit from existing EDA cooperation opportunities or access EU funding. The SME Corner will be updated and refreshed continuously in order to keep pace with upcoming initiatives of interest to the SME community.

Background: EDA and SMEs

In line with its new approach on industry engagement approved in May 2017, EDA continuously works on topics relevant to SMEs which are the backbone of Europe’s economy and therefore of strategic importance. SMEs count for about 99% of Europe’s businesses and of each euro of added value created in the EU, 58 cents can be attributed to SMEs. Since SMEs are equally important for all EDA Member States, all of them share a common interest in utilizing SME’s innovative and competitive potential for improving Europe’s defence capabilities.

In operational terms, EDA seeks mainly to:

  • tap into the innovation potential of SMEs and harvest it for the sake of developing, maintaining and using defence capabilities;
  • facilitate cross-border cooperation among industry in defence research and capability development;
  • create new opportunities for industry to build supply chains across Europe;
  • strengthen the competitiveness of the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base (EDTIB) in general, and of the SMEs in particular.