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03 December 2018

EU RO MR Workshop 05 September 2018

A Mutual Recognition Workshop was organized on 05 September 2018 in Hamburg by the EU RO MR Group.

The aim of the Workshop was to discuss the status of implementation of EU Regulation 391 / 2009, Art 10.1 on the Mutual Recognition of Class Certificates for materials, components and equipment, with focus on:

  • Recalling the principles under which the MR process has been developed
  • Current state of MR certification process with regard of MR certificates issued and process improvement steps taken by the MR Group
  • Direct involvement of stakeholders which are impacted by the MR process and gaining their views in principle and regarding further developments of the MR process
  • Discussing MR in the view of the development and implementation of technical requirements and related processes
  • Inviting all principalstakeholders to give presentations and to participate in the discussion (DG MOVE, Flag States, associations of shipowners, shipyards and manufacturers).

The event was well attended by about 60 stakeholders representing a cross section of the maritime industry and regulatory authorities. The Workshop encouraged a two-way exchange of views on the subject based on experience gained to date and stakeholder’s expectations.

The workshop objectives were:

  • To inform stakeholders and interested parties about the progress of implementation and recent developments of the MR scheme
  • To raise awareness on the different aspects and industry views, and
  • To provide a platform for sharing experience relating to the application of Mutual Recognition in the context of ship classification

The moderator concluded the workshop by thanking all the participants for their very constructive presentations, discussions, comments and questions and for the open expression of their views. He said he would not attempt to draw any conclusions today but reminded the delegates that all of the presentations and statements and a summary of the workshop would be available via a web-link which would be advised post meeting. He also thanked all of those responsible for the organisation and administration of the workshop.

The EU RO MR Group Chair thanked the panellists, presenters and audience for their contribution to the fruitful workshop. appreciating the engagement in the topic of ‘Mutual Recognition’ and the discussions of the different aspects related to the implementation of Article 10 of Regulation 391/2009/EC.

He expressed his satisfaction to see that the objective of the workshop had been met.

It provided an excellent opportunity to increase knowledge and awareness regarding the implementation of the MR scheme and to develop a common understanding of the different interests and positions.

The stakeholder presentations and statements however have again highlighted the complexity of the issue within the scope of ship classification.

According to the majority of the presenters, the "appropriate cases" where MR should be implemented, should be limited and maintained at current level. The matter regarding acceptance of non-EU flag states has to be considered in any future developments.

The MR Group presentation has shown that the EU ROs do their very best to implement a scheme that takes into account those complexities.

On behalf of the MR Group, the Chair thanked all presenters and those who contributed to make this workshop a valuable experience.

His special thanks went to the moderator Peter Swift for running the workshop, to the presenters and panellists for sharing their experience, as well as to the participating stakeholders and audience for their interest in the topic and for their constructive contributions.