26 - 27 April 2017

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SMI Annual Conference 2017


26-27 April 2017 

Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth 

DEADLINE TO BOOK: 28 March 2017

A national conference that looks at the maritime world today and the partnership of the UK maritime industries with the Royal Navy in support for the UK maritime enterprise through shipbuilding, repair, training, equipment procurement and the supply chain.

Speakers from the highest echelons of the industry and the Royal Navy will promote debate on these topics and discuss the critical issues. The two day event will be held at the world renowned Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth and will include a networking reception for conference delegates on the famed College Quarterdeck followed by dinner in the Senior Gunroom.   

Themes and Speakers 

The Maritime World Today  

Rear Admiral David Snelson

Rear Admiral David Snelson, Maritime Specialist

Reviews the economics of UK maritime trade, UK ports & terminals, together with the maritime security of the UK littoral, including SOLAS, search and rescue, maritime border issues, International Law of the Sea, and piracy.

Rear Admiral Chris Parry

Rear Admiral Chris Parry, Author & Maritime Consultant 

Talks about the maritime “Superhighway” in the context of international geo-politics and evolving threats.

Rear Admiral Paul Bennett

Rear Admiral Paul Bennett, Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Capability) at Navy Command

Provides an insight into the capability requirements of the Royal Navy for operations from high intensity warfighting to low intensity including humanitarian tasks, stemming migration & the drugs trade and the protection of offshore assets.

Rosa Wilkinson

Mrs Rosa Wilkinson, Director Stakeholder Engagement, Department for International Trade

Reviews the importance of wide-ranging maritime exports as part of UK trade policy in sustaining the health of the UK maritime industries whilst promoting the UK government’s prosperity agenda.

Prof David Lane

Professor David Lane, Director, Edinburgh Centre for Robotics

Discusses the broader technology developments relevant to the seafaring world including maritime autonomy and the need for the sector to be more ambitious in setting its R&D agenda. 

Supporting The UK Maritime Enterprise    

Mr Tony Graham

Mr Tony Graham, Chairman, UK Naval Engineering Science and Technology (NEST) Forum 

Discusses the ongoing UKNEST campaign plan to research and address the UK naval enterprise skill and technology challenges.

Professor Kevin Jones

Professor Kevin Jones, Dean of Plymouth Marine Institute

Offers a view on general & equipment training, including the development, use and management of bridge simulators and computer based training.

Mrs Sarah Kenny

Mrs Sarah Kenny, Managing Director, Maritime, Land & Weapons, QinetiQ

Reviews the ranges, test and evaluation facilities for the RN and the naval industries.   

Commodore Duncan Lamb

Commodore Duncan Lamb, Head of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Talks about the role of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary including tankers, store ships, landing support ships & Ro-Ro vessels in support of humanitarian and maritime security operations.

Mr Guy Platten

Mr Guy Platten, Chief Executive Officer, UK Chamber of Shipping

Provides an insight into the role of the Chamber in strengthening the civil/military relationship and the defence & security needs for UK shipping under a reinvigorated UK Flag.

RN Shipbuilding, Repair, Support and Supply Chain    

Mr Steve Hyde

Mr Steve Hyde, Leader of Naval Design Partnership, Defence Equipment & Support

Reviews the Naval Design Partnership including the role of Classification Societies and Lloyds Rules for naval vessels.  

Mr John Hudson

Mr John Hudson, Managing Director, BAE Systems Maritime

Talks about the partnership with the RN for the support of warship & submarine acquisition and naval base management & support.

Mr John Howie

Mr John Howie, Chief Executive Marine & Technology, Babcock International Group

Reviews the partnership with the Royal Navy across the asset lifecycle of Warships and Submarines and the associated Defence Lines of Development.

Mr Russell Gould

Mr Russell Gould, Chief Executive Officer, Kelvin Hughes

Summarises the state of the current supply chain for naval procurement viewed from the perspective of a maritime equipment supplier.

Rear Admiral Henry Parker

Rear Admiral Henry Parker, Director Ships Acquisition, Defence Equipment & Support

Talks about the state of current RN surface ship procurement programmes including QE Class aircraft carriers, Type 26, GPLF, OPVs, and the MHC programme.

The two day event will be held at the world renowned Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth and will include a networking reception for conference delegates on the famed College Quarterdeck followed by dinner in the Senior Gunroom.    

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