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Latest Copernicus launch will improve services for farmers, fishermen and other users of land and sea maps

The latest addition to the Copernicus satellite Earth observation family will halve the time needed to provide precision land-use data to benefit farmers, builders, fishermen and anyone who needs rapid access to up-to-the-minute data on conditio...

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European Shipping Week Welcomes the World's Largest LEGO Ship

European Shipping Week will score a significant first today when its flagship conference not only hosts the top echelon from European and global shipping, the European Commission, EU Member States and the European Parliament but also has th...

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EU Shipping Policy is solid, but needs a stronger global orientation to sustain further growth

The EU has an overall competitive regime in place for fiscal and social measures as well as quality registers and a strong skills base. This combination supports the current status of the EU as an attractive location for shipping activities. To...

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EDA Project to Improve Corrosion Control for Navy Ships

The CCNS (Corrosion Control for Navy Ships) project, which ran from 2013-2016 in the EDA framework, involved major European industrial stakeholders, top-rated European research institutes, specialised entreprises and also academic organisat...

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The Copernicus Maritime Surveillance - Service Overview

EMSA have published an updated version of the Copernicus Maritime Surveillance - Service Overview. The Copernicus Security Service supports EU policy by providing information in response to Europe's security challenges. It improves cri...

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